Why should you report?

Child protection is a joint reponsibility between families, civil society and the government.

The complaint or report is the only way of making possible the prosecution of the perpetrators.

Child abuse is an inhumane crime, which present scary figures according to some child protection organizations:

In 2018, INHOPE (a collaborative network of 46 hotlines around the world) processed 155.240 reports with CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), analyzed 337.588 images and videos, for a total of 223.999 illegal contents

  • 2% of the victims were between 0 and 2 years;
  • 89% were preadolescents (between 3 and 13 years)
  • 9% were adolescents (between 14 and 17 years).

80% of the victims were girls, 17% were boys, and 3% of the analyzed material contained boys and girls.

Nonetheless, the actions taken by the hotlines around the world against child abuse have shown huge progress against this:

  • *58% of websites with CSAM have been blocked during the first 3 days after receiving the report.
  • 14% are taken down during the first 4 to 6 days after the report is received.
  • 28% are taken down after 7 days.

*97% of the reports are sent to the police in one day, and the remaining 3% are sent the next day.